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Scholarship Program

 Scholarships for the Herbalist Training Program

continuing in 2019! 

Scholarship Program for 2019 ends on Sept 1st, 2018

Scholarships for the Herbalist Training Program are a newer offering of the Elderberry School. In 2013 we created a limited number of scholarships for herbal medicine study and we continue that program to the present. We recognize the importance of accessibility to herbal medicine training and the need for financial assistance for some people who do not have the full resources for tuition, but who are clearly on an herbal medicine path. The only way this works for us is for that passion for herbalism to be matched by being able to make a very early commitment. Please read all of the information below about our scholarships very carefully.

Up to four scholarships may be awarded in 2019

Scholarship Process:

Each scholarship is for $1000, thus the total tuition due with a scholarship applied is $1900

To apply for a scholarship, the applicant must write a one-page essay on why they want or need it. 

Applicants for scholarships must be accepted into the Herbalist Training Program by the normal application process, which includes 1) the application, 2) an in-person interview, and 3) the $300 non-refundable deposit due two weeks after acceptance into the program. (If you apply for the school before applying for the scholarship, then there is a chance that the deposit will be due before you know if you are receiving a scholarship, so it’s recommended that you apply for the scholarship at the same time you apply to the school, or at least by the time of your interview.)

Scholarship recipients must have the complete discounted tuition for the Herbalist Training Program paid in full by Sept 1st of the year prior to the start of the program to be attended. The scholarship program ends with no exceptions on September 1st of the preceding year, regardless of the number of scholarships that have been awarded by that point.

If an applicant to the Herbalist Training Program is accepted into the program and awarded a scholarship, but then chooses not to use it, they are still enrolled in the program and may make use of any of our other tuition payment options for that year.

Please contact us with any questions about scholarships.