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Blake Harvesting RedrootThe Advanced Course in Clinical Herbalism is intended for those who are seeking to expand their understanding of clinical herbalism beyond single herb materia medica and into formulation, assessment and therapeutics. Participants should already have a working knowledge of basic foundation level herbal medicine. Limited to 10 students.




16 – Week Advanced Course

January – May

This class is for people who are enthusiastic about the clinical practice of herbal medicine and who already are confident with the foundational basics of herbs. It’s great for folks already at the stage of seeing clients who want to hone their skills and benefit from round-table case study discussion; as well as for those who feel almost ready to be at that stage, but want the support of a class to continue to practice among a small group of dedicated herbalists. It’s a serious class for courageous participants who are comfortable with working hard for the benefit of their clients and receiving critique in the interest of honing their skills. The main focus of the class is on clinical training and skill-building, therapeutics and assessment, and a rotating list of advanced class topics. There will be lots of individual attention, based on assisting each participant to develop their clinical work.

The class hosts a free clinic for guests, picking up where the “mock clinics” of the Herbalist Training Program left off. Participants in the class will bring their clients (or pseudo-clients, or sick relatives, or curious friends….) to the class for the whole group to practice consulting with and recommending herbs for. Essentially, a small Elderberry Teaching Clinic.
Advanced Course class topics include: constitutional physiology, herbal energetics, formulation, contra-indications, history of herbal traditions, tongue and pulse observation, dosage, and interviewing and assessment skills. Each session the class will have rotating themes including many of these topics.


When: weekly on Thursdays 10:00am – 2:00pm
Where: TBA in Portland, OR
Total hours: 60
Cost: $720  ($600 for HTP alumni)

Registration for the Advanced Course

First contact the school by phone or email to let us know you are interested in the class.

To apply and/or register for the Advanced Course, please go to the drop down item above on the menu bar and select Application -Advanced Course. Contact us at 503.432.0842 or if you have any questions.

Understand that applicants are not accepted into a class until notified, and refunds will be made in full (minus a $30 administrative fee) up until the day before the first day of any given class, but there will be no tuition refund after the class has started.