Plants, People, and Community


Erico SchleicherErico Schleicher, LAc, MAcOM

Erico is a practicing herbalist and acupuncturist. He has been discovering and working with plant medicines since 1994. His studies with Michael R.S. Moore at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine put him on a path towards regional, accessible, empowering herbalism based on traditional principles. Upon moving to Oregon, he studied Chinese Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and he has been doing clincal work with patients in Portland since 2003.

Erico is deeply committed to sustainable directions for community health.

Erico finds that when we work seasonally with locally available plants that have discovered how to thrive in our bioregion, we learn to perceive the many voices that teach us how to integrate our own health into the life of the land around us.

Erico’s herbalism workshops have been featured at the Breitenbush Herbal Conference, The Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, The Dandelion Seed Conference, the Northwest Herbal Fair, Tryon Life Community Farm and the Montana Herb Gathering

Erico has served on the Board of Trustees of Tryon Life Community Farm, and The Olympia Free Herbal Clinic, and the Oregon Acupuncture Association. He is a faculty member at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

Kim KelseyKim Kelsey, FNP

Kim is a plant lover, nurse practitioner, and singer. She grew up exploring the woods and beaches of Washington State on the Puget Sound. Throughout her childhood Kim was intrigued by plants and their uses as medicine. Following her interests, Kim studied botany and ecology at The Evergreen State College. Later, she chose nursing as her healing discipline, drawn by its person-centered and holistic approach.  Kim is now a family nurse practitioner (FNP) and sees patients at Hand On Medicine, an integrated primary care practice in North Portland.

Kim is a founder of the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine. She has created a unique anatomy and physiology course for herbalists that entwines her knowledge of plant medicine with her understanding of the human body. Kim’s work with the school also includes teaching songs and fostering a culture of music in the program. Music is a traditional part of healing work, and Kim has witnessed how singing together can open new ways of understanding ourselves and strengthen community. Kim learned many of her songs from singers at the Singing Alive gathering in Cascadia. Kim continues to explore her love for plants through gardening, wildcrafting, photography, and medicine making.

Gradey Proctor is a botanist who has spent the last dozen years teaching plants and ecosystems as Forest Watch Coordinator for Bark, and is co-founder of the Arctos School of Herbal and Botanical Studies. His training comes from apprenticing at the Columbines School of Botanical Studies, years of monitoring forests in the Pacific Northwest, working on a CSA farm, and the Kamana naturalist program. A native of places without intact ecosystems, Gradey has spent the last 15 years falling in love with the Northwest, and continually striving to build relationships with his environment. His passion is in finding new ways to keep healthy forests and healthy people one and the same.

When not being a plant nerd you will find him playing games with his daughters, feeding his chickens, digging in the garden, or plotting a better world with his partner Rhea.

Katie-Keath Silva has been a plant lover their whole life and has been focused on plant studies since their late teens. Katie Keath is honored to have learned Herbal Medicine from Rosemary Gladstar, Michael Moore, Feather Jones, Ann Drucker, Aviva Romm and Beatrice Waight. Katie Keath attended the Arctos School of Herbal and Botanical Studies and graduated from the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine Herbal Training Program and Advanced Course in Clinical Herbalism. They are the founder and director of The Yarrow School of Collective Wellness, an access and liberation for all focused Herbal Medicine School in Hood River, Oregon.

Katie Keath has enjoyed their healing and teaching practice for the last 20 years in which they hold space for people to remember their authentic wild-self and nourish and support their physical bodies through herbal medicine and a variety of holistic modalities. Katie Keath is an avid herb gardener, poet, activist and song keeper. They love to dance and spend time with their teen son and young adult daughter. They love creating community in nature with plants and songs.


Melissa Szaro



Camilla Blossom

Scott Kloos is a Plant Medicine Practitioner, Medicine Maker, and Wildcrafter, and has been studying and researching the native plants of the Pacific NW since the late 90′s. In addition to many years of self-study, he completed the 1999 Herbal Apprenticeship Program at the Herb Pharm in Williams, OR, and in 2000, he attended a nine-month Community Herbalist Training Program with Christopher Hobbs. In 2009, he studied Traditional Western Herbalism: An Intuitive and Energetic Approach with Matthew Wood in Portland, OR.

He is the owner of Cascadia Folk Medicine, which produces small batch herbal extracts from the native plants of the region. He is the founder of The School of Forest Medicine.

Dr. Kathryn Kloos, N.D.Dr. Kathryn Kloos, N.D. has been immersed in the healing arts for over ten years. She is a naturopathic physician, herbalist, and licensed massage therapist. In 2003 she graduated from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA with a bachelor’s degree in Herbal Sciences and completed the Massage Therapy Program at Brenneke School of Massage.

After completing the Herbal Sciences Program at Bastyr University, she spent 3 months in a small village in the Brazilian Amazon studying traditional healing practices with the Barca da Saúde (Boat of Health), a non-profit organization that distributes herbal medicines to impoverished peoples of the Brazilian Amazon basin. While there she also studied Amazonian Flower Essence Therapy with Maria Alice Campos Freire, of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. In 2010 she graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Her practice, Water of Life Natural Health, incorporates therapeutic bodywork, botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and mind-body therapies to treat both acute and chronic disease.

Brunem Warshaw

Brunem Warshaw (prev. Tinder) is a clinical herbalist and wellness educator who combines both western and energetic approaches to support people in healing themselves with the assistance of plant medicines. Brunem studied with the Elderberry School in 2011 and with the Blue Otter School in 2015. Their commitment to health justice and understanding the politicization of wellness was confirmed while organizing with the Rosehip Medic Collective for several years alongside working as a caregiver for people experiencing poverty, addiction, mental illness, physical disability, and life with AIDS. Brunem brings a radical queer lens to their work and values ancestral reconnection magic in their practice as an herbalist. They are eager to learn more about gardening medicinals and to further develop their offerings as an educator.