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2022 Classes Coming Soon!

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Fall 2021: Special Topics 

This fall we are offering a variety of special topics for the advanced student of herbal medicine. These courses are designed for those who wish to move into working with clients as a practicing herbalist, or for those who work in community healing who want to become even more amazing at tending to the needs of their families, friends, neighbors and allies. 


These live, online classes are best for those who have taken at least a year of herbal medicine training in the past, and who have a good command of single herb materia medica; or those who already have an established background in the healing arts. 


Fall 2021 classes include: Tongue and Pulse Observation, The Clinical Interview, Red Flags and Herbal Interactions, The Energetics of Herbs, The Art of Formulation, and Constitutional Medicine for Herbalists. Read the details of each class by clicking on the thumbnail links.


Study Clinical Herbalism with an instructor with over 25 years of experience! 

Advanced Clinical Herbalism:
The Complete Fall Course 

For a small number of serious students looking for the full advanced training, the complete course includes enrollment in all of the Fall advanced special topic classes, as well as individual attention, special projects and a one-on-one meeting. It is somewhat like a mini-apprentice model in that you get to work together closely with the instructor over several months. Participants must have a minimum of one year of prior herbal medicine study.