Advanced Classes

These classes are best for those who have taken at least a year of herbal medicine training in the past, and who have a good command of single herb materia medica; or those who already have an established background in the healing arts. 

2022 Curriculum: Special Topics in Clinical Herbalism

This fall we are offering a variety of special topics for the advanced student of herbal medicine. These courses are designed for those who wish to move into working with clients as a practicing herbalist, or for those who work in community healing and want to learn new skills and methods.

What are the benefits of taking clinical herbalism classes at The Elderberry School?

At our school you receive instruction from a practicing herbalist with over 25 years of experience working with clients, using traditional herbal medicine principles applied to complex modern health conditions. In this way you benefit from learning from an experienced practitioner who is in touch with today's issues and versed in combining several healing modalities.