Advanced Classes

This Spring we are offering two types of classes for intermediate and advanced students:

The Basics of Clinical Herbalism

Leap into working with clients as a practicing herbalist!


This live, online class is offered several times this Spring for intermediate or advanced students who are ready to learn about taking the step into clinical herbalism. It is a recommended pre-requisite for folks interested in the Clinical Round Table group.


Topics include developing formulas, case management, spotting red flags, case presentation, and prioritizing care for complex clients. We will also discuss legal considerations, charting and forms, privacy, protecting and utilizing the resources of the herbalist, integrating herbs into other healing arts, and many other considerations that come up when engaging in herbal practice.


Every time we offer this class our focus will be a little different, depending on the specific questions and interests of the participants, although some class topics will certainly repeat.

The Clinical Herbalist Round Table

This discussion group meets on the first and third Thursdays of every month, 12-2 pm. This is not a formal class but rather a community discussion group for herbal practitioners and advanced students who have already begun seeing clients, either professionally or as community herbalists working with family, friends, and neighbors. 

Register just once for this ongoing discussion group and you can keep returning all Spring on the weeks you can make it. You are welcome to sign up after the series has already begun.