The Advanced Program in Clinical Herbalism is intended for those who are seeking to expand their understanding of herbal medicine into formulation, assessment, therapeutics and holistic case management. Participants should already have a working knowledge of basic foundation level herbal medicine, including single herb materia medica. This program represents some of the most advanced clinical herbal training in the Portland area, led by instructors with 18+ years of clinical experience working with patients.

These classes are for folks who are already seeing their own clients or are on the cusp of starting to practice and want to hone their skills and benefit from round-table case study discussions and additional real clinical practice.These are serious classes for courageous participants who are comfortable with working hard for the benefit of their communities and receiving critique in the interest of improving their art.

In the Advanced Program we continue our tradition of a free student clinic, inviting volunteer clients to class for group consultations. Students are educated in trauma-informed care and are held to the highest standards of confidentiality, respect, sensitivity and awareness.

This course focuses on gaining and using clinical skills such as listening and interviewing, tongue and pulse diagnosis, case management, identifying red flags, recommendations and referrals, and doing critical research (on herb-drug interactions, efficacy studies, etc...). This course synthesizes single herb knowledge into the art of herbal formulation. Participants are expected to do a significant amount of outside work, including research and preparing case presentations.

Thursdays 10AM - 2PM,  SPRING course: February - June

60 hours   (Clinical hours may be applied to AHG professional herbalist applications)

Cost: $800

Class size limit: 10

Advanced Herbalism I: Clinical Skills (with Clinical Practicum)

This course continues honing and practicing clinical skills and offers a deep study of constitutional medicine models of Ayurvedic doshas, Chinese Five Elements, Michael Moore's Constitutional Physiology and the Six Tissue States. All of these models are explored in terms of how they apply to real clinical cases. Participants are expected to do outside work including reading, research and preparing case studies. This course includes a clinical practicum and training in herbal formulation skills.

Thursdays 10AM - 2PM, FALL course

Clinical Hours may be applied to AHG professional herbalist applications

Cost: $495, SPECIAL EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $395 before September 1st

Class size limit: 10

Advanced Herbalism II: Constitutional Medicine (with Clinical Practicum)

To apply to the Advanced Program please complete the application below.

You will be contacted for an interview prior to acceptance.

Advanced Program Application

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