Online Classes


A note regarding our 2021 classes:


We understand that distance learning isn't the same as sitting in a circle together, and we hope that someday soon we may hold hands and sing songs together once again. We know that many in our communities are struggling through various stresses this year, and we want as many herbalists as possible to be able to help those who are suffering right now.

In an effort to help with accessibility and affordability for everyone we are discounting ALL of our online courses 50% for the entire year.  

The Plant Medicine Series

In our Plant Medicine classes we follow each plant on a journey to understand its roles in human health and discover profound healing plant relationships.


Each month we focus on a different group of plants medicines, covering 15-20 important plants each month.


We learn each herb using an in-depth method that includes discussion of their botanical identification and ecological roles in their native habitat; detailed materia medica on contemporary and historical medicinal uses; herbal energetics; and medicine making techniques. All of this is learned is focused on growing healthy and beneficial relationships as we work to make effective medicines that honor the plants while helping people.

Plant Medicine classes are offered throughout the year, but not every class is always posted, so check back once in a while to see new offerings.

Unless noted, Plant Medicine Series classes are designed for adult students of all levels. These classes are live instruction from a practitioner with 25+ years of experience in the field, with time for questions, participation and being fully engaged. Students may of course turn their cameras on or off as they wish to care for children, eat dinner, etc...  Also note the audio or visual presentation may be recorded.