Medicinal Plant Hikes

COVID-19 precautions

For safety related to the COVID-19 pandemic,
outdoor classes are being held only for small groups of students.
(Masks are no longer required on fully outdoor classes and hikes.)

Students of all levels are invited to join us for informative and fun medicinal plant hikes around Portland, the Willamette valley, the Columbia River Gorge, and the Cascade mountains.

Full Day Hikes on Saturdays

Half Day Hikes on Fridays


Plant Classes For Kids


We update this page frequently with new plant hikes, so check back often! 

Full Day Hikes - Saturdays

Full-day excursions include botanical identification, ecological awareness, harvesting training, medicinal uses both traditional and modern, medicine making, tincture tastings, and lunch breaks. These hikes usually bring us to more remote locations to visit special plants, with important driving and rendezvous instructions, and sometimes more strenuous hiking.