Outdoor Classes

COVID-19 precautions

For safety related to the COVID-19 pandemic,
outdoor classes are being held only for very small groups of students.
Masks must be worn and six feet of social distancing must be maintained.

2021 Medicinal Plant Hikes

Students of all levels are invited to join us for informative and fun medicinal plant hikes around Portland, the Willamette valley, the Columbia River Gorge, and the Cascade mountains. Choose a hike below to learn more about some of the plants that are covered and the hiking difficulty level.


NOTE: Some of our hikes are half-day and some are full-day.

Full-day excursions include harvesting training, medicine making instruction and tincture tastings. Full day hikes usually go to more remote locations to visit special plants, with important driving and rendezvous instructions, and sometimes more strenuous hiking.

We are only offering plant hikes for very small groups, so there's lots of time for individual attention.


Study each plant's identification and ecology, historical and modern medicinal uses. Spend time getting to know the plants in the places where they like to live, learning from an instructor with 25+ years of experience in herbalism. Safely enjoy each others' company in the outdoors, at sites with good trails and places for us to stop and talk and be with the living plants.

We update this page all the time with new plant walks and hikes, so check back here often!