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Excursion Classes

In these outdoor classes we go into the field to visit the amazing plants of the Pacific Northwest in their wild homes.

Excursions include instruction in plant identification, ecological awareness, harvesting techniques and considerations, medicinal uses both traditional and modern, and medicine making. Each excursion series provides over 40 hours of direct herbal medicine training.


Excursion classes follow a Friday and Saturday format, meeting on a consecutive Friday and Saturday the first week, two single Saturdays, then another consecutive Friday and Saturday.

The first class of each series is an orientation day where we discuss how to best respect wild places, share directions to hikes, and learn which gear to bring into the field.

The rest of the days of each course are spent entirely in the field. Participants in these classes must be able to hike with a pack and be prepared for all kinds of weather: cold, wind, rain, heat, sun.... and more rain. Each excursion has a different level of hiking difficulty, which is detailed in the course description.

Medicinal Plants in the Field III:

Late Summer on Mt. Hood

In late summer we will go up into the mountains to be with plants of the higher Cascades. Incredible vistas, somewhat challenging hikes, and the medicine of the mountains await!

Dates for this series are TBA.

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