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“My experience with The Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine surpassed my expectations and even my hopes. The wealth and depth of knowledge of the staff was awesome. The passion for the subject matter made even the most mundane topics exciting to learn. I found the practical experience to be especially valuable. The time spent in the field will remain some of my fondest memories of my class. I would heartily recommend The Elderberry School to anyone wishing to pursue an interest in herbal medicine.” - Emrys Revard


"Erico is a wealth of knowledge and creates a warm, interactive experience with students where questions and discussion are welcome and information is shared with passion and enthusiasm. The material we covered was very interesting and multifaceted. I really appreciated the accessibility and the connections made to real life situations. As a beginner in the study of plants, I now feel much more prepared to integrate plant medicine into my life and share it with my community. Highly recommend!" - Ursula


"As a currently unemployed person, I appreciated the reasonable pricing for the plant medicine hike. Elderberry School could probably charge twice as much given the time spent on the trail, and the amount of knowledge shared!

Erico was a great teacher. As a beginner, I appreciated his willingness to cover the basics as well as in-depth aspects of plant medicine." - Stacy


"My experience with Elderberry School has been amazing. I have been taking the plant medicine series, advanced classes, and hikes, and I have been learning more and more about how to practically apply my herbal skills while getting to know the land I live on. I couldn’t recommend it enough! Erico is so knowledgeable in his practice and is a good plant listener. I am grateful to be his student." - Frankie Almutawa


"I know now in the world of Zoom it can feel lonely and sterile as the presenter, wondering how people are receiving the information. At least that has been my experience. Are people laughing, or at least smiling at my jokes? Is anyone awake? 

I've taken a lot of Zoom classes over the past year or so and I will say that so far, yours has been my favorite! 

I can sense your love for the plants, and your enthusiasm for the material is evident and makes it so enjoyable to stay engaged with some topics that could easily be a bit dry. 

Thanks so much for a wonderful class, I am looking forward to all of the upcoming classes and to meeting you in person on some of the hikes!" - Cassie


"The courses I took with The Elderberry School changed my relationship with many of the plants around me. I get such excitement spotting a plant on a hike and now feeling like I have a special relationship with and new understanding of the world around me because of the detailed and applicable information I learned in the course. " - Carly


"My life has genuinely been changed by Erico and the Elderberry School!


Erico is not only an outstanding teacher - incredibly knowledgeable, humble, engaging, and funny - but he also goes the extra mile to get to know his students. You can certainly see the care he has for what he teaches, and the students he is teaching.


My life has forever been changed because Erico saw something in me before I saw it in myself. He gently encouraged me to stretch my knowledge and skills outside of my comfort zone. By doing this, he allowed me to see in myself what I never would have without his mentorship and support.


My career in teaching and herbalism has truly blossomed into what it is today because of the mentorship and support Erico so naturally offers his students". 

- Corvid Mistique Vigeo

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