Plants, People, and Community


We are now accepting online applications for all of our classes…

2019 Herbalist Training Program- We have begun accepting applications for next year’s Herbalist Training Program. Click here for more info. or to register.

2019 Advanced Clinical Herbalism - Check back for updates for the Spring Advanced Course, or contact the school for more detailed info.

Herbalist Training Program

BoquetThe Herbalist Training Program is designed for people who wish to develop their skills as an herbalist in the Pacific Northwest bioregion. Our classes span the harvest season—from Poplar buds in the early spring to the roots of late fall. The program covers foundational herbal medicine topics while emphasizing the reawakening of a core way of knowing that encourages trust in our own senses and places authority in direct experience.

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Advanced Course in Clinical Herbalism

“There are herbalists and there are working herbalists.”

 The Advanced Course in Clinical Herbalism is limited to 10 students. It is intended for those who are seeking to expand their understanding of clinical herbalism beyond single herb materia medica and into formulation, assessment and therapeutics. Participants in the Advanced Course should already have a working knowledge of basic foundation level herbal medicine. 60 hours of clinical training including client visits and clinically relevant training topics.

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Our Mission

We strongly believe that knowledge of local medicinal plants is essential for all people, and that herbal medicine is a core component of sustainable community health and vitality. We offer a bioregional approach that focuses on increasing knowledge and awareness of the medicinal plants of the Pacific Northwest, and we emphasize the validation of first hand experience and collaboration in teaching and learning. We offer an arena for aspiring community healers to learn to bring herbal medicines and people together, and by promoting the awareness of ethical wildcrafting, we ensure the protection of at-risk & endangered plants and the continued abundance that our local flora provides.