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Payment Link #2 for Brannigan Roeber

Congratulations! You have been accepted into the 2024 Clinical Herbalism Program. We have made a special payment arrangement with you, Brannigan Roeber.


1. As with every HTP alum, you get a $250 discount on this course.


2. You will pay $600 with link #1, and then $900 with link #2 for a total of $1500 ($1750-250)


Both items must be purchased by February 1st.


The pdf you receive will have the following information and more:


In-Person Classes

Our program will meet in person 10 am - 5 pm on the following dates:


February 10-11

April 13-14

June 8-9

*August 2-4

October 5-6


On some occasions we might stay after class for socializing. You will usually be responsible for providing your own lunch.


Disclosure: Our classroom location is still TBA. We will contact you when the location is completely finalized. The most likely scenario is that the majority of our in-person classes will be held at Tryon Life Community Farm, 11640 SW Boones Ferry Rd, Portland, OR 97219.


Camping Trip - August 2-4

One of the great benefits of this program is the opportunity to camp together and spend extended time in the forest. We will spend 3 days and 2 nights in the field with the plants. More information about the trip, including location and supply lists, will be provided at the weekend classes.


Online Seminar Classes

Between in-person classes we will meet online for special topics, case presentation and to discuss projects. Seminar classes will be over Zoom on the following Wednesday mornings, 10am-12pm:


February 28

March 20

April 24

May 8

May 22

June 12

June 26

July 10

July 24

August 21

September 11

September 25


(Slight changes to these dates are possible, but will always be at the same time on a Wednesday)



Online Material Medica Classes

The 2024 Clinical Herbalism Program also grants participants full access to five months of live online Materia Medica classes. These classes are on Thursday evenings in Late February, March, April, May, September, and October. (60 hours of live instruction)


Homework and Certificate of Completion

Out-of-class work in the second year of Clinical Herbal study is much more significant than in the first year. Expect to do on average 2-4 hours of outside work each week. There will be some required reading assignments as well as research and skill practice. Attendance for our in-person weekends is critical for completion.


Very Highly Recommended reference books for Pacific Northwest herbalists:

Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West, Michael Moore

Botany in a Day, Thomas Elpel

Plants of the Pacific Northwest, Pojar and MacKinnon

Handbook of Northwest Plants, Helen Gilkey, 2001 edition

Trees to Know in Oregon and Washington, Ed Jensen

Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants, Scott Kloos


The Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook, James Green,


Making Plant Medicine, Richo Cech


Other readings for the course will be shared throughout the class. Expect some additional texts to be recommened or required, typically as .pdf s or web links.

Payment Link #2 for Brannigan Roeber

  • When you purchase the class you will be emailed a link to download a PDF file containing details about the class and other necessary instructions. This link will be active for 30 days. If the link expires you may email us for a new link. However, as we prefer to spend our time in the woods rather than on the computer, we recommend downloading the file immediately.

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