The Clinical Interview

Conducting a thorough interview is an essential skill for being an effective herbalist. The interview is the setting where one gathers information needed to choose the right herbs while also building trust, connection, and rapport with the client. How you inquire is just as important as what you inquire. In this class we will learn how to bring both analytic reasoning and empathy to our interviewing. This process requires careful self-examination, and students will be challenged to uncover unconscious biases as part of the work of learning how to truly listen to the stories of our clients.


This class is taught to the level of the very serious student of herbalism who has already had at least a year of study. However, “clinical herbalism” is not only for professionals. Learning how to take care of yourself, your family, friends and neighbors at an advanced level can be an incredibly important skill to share with the people you care about. We consider these skills to be part of rising to the challenge of being an even more amazing grandmother or wise uncle!


Date: Thursday, Sept 9

Time: 10AM - 2PM

Location: ONLINE via ZOOM. The meeting code will be emailed to you before the class

In order to participate in the course at this time you will need to be able to access a computer with internet.

Cost: $49


Refund policy: Full refund for tuition (minus $15 admin fee) up to 1 week before start of class. Less than 7 days before the start of class 50% of tuition can be refunded. No refunds are possible less than 24 hours before the start of class or after the class has begun.

The Clinical Interview