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Excursion Classes

In these outdoor classes, we go out in the field to visit the amazing plants of the Pacific Northwest in the wild places where they live. Excursions include plant identification, ecological awareness, discussion of harvesting techniques and considerations, medicinal uses both traditional and modern, and medicine making. Different excursions combine walking and hiking with stopping to talk as we encounter native and naturalized plants in their homes. Each excursion series (I, II and III) provides over 40 hours of direct herbal medicine training.


For most of the days of the course, we will be out in the field for the entire day. Participants in these classes must be prepared for all the kinds of weather we may experience in the northwest, including cold, wind, rain, heat, sun and more rain. Participants also must be able to hike wearing a pack. The different excursions have differing levels of hiking difficulty.


Excursion classes follow a Friday and Saturday format, meeting on two Friday-Saturday combos and two single Saturdays between them.


On our orientation day (the first Friday) we get everyone to a common awareness of what to bring into the field, including books and tools and gear; and how to act when in wild places, focusing on our possible impact on the plants, animals and Earth, as well as needs for self care and group care. We will also share the directions to all of the excurisions. A complete list of the items to bring will be shared on the first orientation day, but expect to bring a pack with warm clothes, water, lunch, hats and raingear and note-taking tools. On our excursions, you will be expected to arrive on time at each day’s site so we can begin promptly.

Excursion classes start February 2020

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